Thursday, September 10, 2009


No talk of the dangers of nuclear weapons here. Instead, my own personal definition of the term disarmament:

This term refers to what occurs when 10 year old son decides to practice his clarinet while Mommy has her arm wrapped around Bridie the wonder lab.

Apparently the combination below:

Results in this:

Sons reaction (while I am still on the floor along with two toppled dining room chairs):
"Do you want to hear my G note?"


  1. HAHAHA that is great... I can totally see you falling!!!

  2. What's that about a G spot??? OOOH! Note.

    You'd never catch ME doing a clumsy thing.

    OK you'd always, at any moment, find me doing a clumsy thing.

  3. My daughter (also 10) plays the trombone.
    Our two dogs howl each time she attempts any semblance of music.

    I found a great website that sells virtually invisible but highly effective earplugs. I'm buying a set for myself and all the mammals that live in my house...


    Happy Band!

  4. HILARIOUS!!! I can only see this in my future, the 11 year old just started band and is in a toss-up between the sax and trumpet.
    Hope there were no injuries - to you or the clarinet. :-)

  5. My Mom would have needed therapy if we played instruments! She couldn't even stand the sound of our voices!!! haha

  6. Ouch...a little detente perhaps? Be careful or it could be dismemberment next time~!

  7. Okay, that was very funny. I know it's not nice to laugh, but I played the violin and cello as a child and I SUCKED at the violin. I know what sounds come out of childhood instrument.

  8. Our two dogs howl each time she attempts any semblance of music.
    How to make a website

  9. That's way toooooo funny!!!! lol!!!