Friday, September 4, 2009

Freaky Friday

One of the first calls that I received at the station today was from the local funeral home director (let's call him FD, shall we). FD informs me that he needs to cut a new ad and will be in this afternoon. Okey Dokey says I. Enter my boss. Bossy lets me in on the fact that she is going out of town and doesn't have time to write the ad copy, so she needs me to do that.

ME: What direction should I be going with this?
BOSS: Well, FD really wants to lighten it up, so he is bringing his kids in to record the ad.
ME: The 2 and 4 year olds?
BOSS: I think they are 3 & 5 - so you will want to write the ad copy for the kids.
ME: (blink.....blink)

BOSS: Problem?
ME: You want me to write ad copy for the funeral home that is light/fun for a 3 and 5 year old to record?

BOSS: You can use the corporate website and see if they already have something written that can be re-recorded.
ME: I'm pretty sure I won't find anything in there that is adaptable to this particular situation.

BOSS: FD will be there to help tweak it when he gets here this afternoon.
ME: Is he bringing wine?

I am looking around for hidden cameras right now and actually praying that I find one. Maybe I will use carnival music as the background or I could have the kids sing a rousing rendition of "Ring Around the Rosie". I am super fucking creeped out right now. It's gonna be a long day.


  1. Oh my God. After an afternoon like that I'd go straight from work to the nearest cocktail bar and order something potent with an umbrella in it. How does one make a "light" commercial about a funeral parlor anyway? Let alone one with kids in it? I hope you update this with the result. :) For my entertainment of course! It's all about me.

  2. "Dont make your loved one roll over in their grave, be sure and choose the RIGHT funeral home to handle their arrangements" LOL

  3. dang that is just wrong all the way around! I was going to tease that Michael Jackson's coffin up there ;-)

  4. Um, WTF? Is all I can say to that lol. Although one of the consultants I work for recently told me that some years back he was asked to complete an autoposy on a patient and take their heart out (at the funeral homes request)to prove they were dead! lol. Some people are just straight weird.

  5. Sounds like a job for Monty Python, you know, look on the light side of life. Well, in this case, death, but you get the idea.

  6. So, did the copy go something like this: 'Let my daddy put you in the ground after you turn blue, he's great at digging holes?'

  7. Queue the calliope music and the dream sequence...

  8. Weird. That's just really weird.

  9. Have the kids sing Alice in Chains, Man in the box! LMAO!!!!!

  10. I don't even know what to say...

  11. Messed-up situation, hilarious execution-- nicely done. How did it turn out? Memorable no matter what, I'll bet, and that's all they really ever want in advertising. Maybe this guy is ahead of his time!

    (Just so you know, I wasn't able to post or preview a comment --with any method of signing it-- with the tool you've got here using Firefox. I had to switch to IE. This isn't the only blog I've had this problem with, but it's always with this kind of comment box.)

  12. Oh my God. After an afternoon like that I'd go straight from work to the nearest cocktail bar and order something potent with an umbrella in it. How to make a website

  13. Your blog is so damn funny . . best laugh I've had in a very long age!

    I'm hooked . . off to sign up to follow!

    Come see my blog when you come up for air!!!