Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Things you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask

Woo hoo....a Kreative Blogger award from Frannie at Frannie Fires Back - Divorce, Finances and Fabu..., which came in super handy 'cause I didn't have much to say today. However, in order to collect ,I must give credit where it is due, let my blogging buddies in on 7 things they may not know about me, and pay it forward to 7 others.

1) I was a stockbroker on Black Monday during the stock market crash of 1987. I sought a new line of work after that.

2) I attended 5 colleges (with at least 4 different majors) before I graduated on the 7 year Bachelor's degree plan.

3) I had to go to court for "drunk walking" in college.

4) I suffer from coulrophobia and it's caused some issues for me over the years.

5) I was once detained by the FBI and Coast Guard off the coast of San Fransisco near Fisherman' Wharf.

6) I am "directionly impaired" which has also caused some issues.

7) I've never been in rehab or therapy. (I know - that is a shocker, isn't it)

Paying it forward is a bit more difficult as there are too many of you that I love to read, so I will put everyone's name in a hat and the winners are:

the tired one

growth spurt

Happy Hour...Somewhere

Diamond Pewpin' Carnivore

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous.

I don't care for your tone

The Vegetable Assassin


  1. Um - drunk walking? I didn't realize it was illegal. Apparently I was very stealthy in college. Snicker.

    I had to look up the clown thing though. Who knew there'd be a technical term for it? Not me obviously!! Laugh

  2. Locally we recently had a guy drunk in charge of a motor scooter however the scooter wasn't in the legal bill as it wasn't classed as a vehicle so they charged him using a 135 year victorian law which said you can't be drunk in charge of a carriage - brilliant! Keep up the drunk walking lol

  3. Ok, I had to stop an look up "coulrophobia". No idea that was the proper word for the fear. Learn something new every day!
    Now I knew of a man who had to go to court for DUI on a lawnmower. Never walking-intoxication. (heehee)
    Great list of seven things!!

  4. OH my ...sorry but that is also hilarious ;-)

  5. Haha, like there is ANYTHING left that anyone on my blogroll doesn't know about me! :) Thank you for the meme though. I will save it for a rainy day and shock the world.

    So this FBI business....details?

  6. I'm directionally challenged as well and believe everywhere I face is North.

  7. I nodded to myself when you said you were pleased to talk about the award because it had been a slow news day. Always handy to have one spare isn't it?! :)

  8. I should have gone to college! My biggest regret:(

  9. Ok I can't even figure out how to post a comment let along 'blog' but here it goes.
    Ok given that list, you have just relinguished your title of 'Good Twin' to me (former 'Bad Twin' a title I never accepted in the first place.)
    What the ##$@ is coulrophia? What the @#$@# is with the FBI incident?
    For all her blogger friends, I had the humiliation of having to go with her to court for her 'drunk walking'. I made her wear a plaid skirt so she looked 'studious' - didn't work. Later that night at the bar some guy says to me "Hey didn't I see you in court?" One of the worst moments in my life- until recently!
    Signing off,
    Good Twin

  10. Whoa, whoa to the question regarding coulrophobia - fear of clowns, you could actually look something like that up on your trusty computer. The second question about the FBI - you need to pay attention. Mom and Dad knew about it (Dad had to talk to the FBI and assure them that I was a harmless, none to bright college student on spring break - all 4 of us from UNI were "detained".)I flew down to LA 2 days later to meet him for the first time in 15 years...awkward. I may have kept details from you because you have the tendency to use crap like that against me later, which indeed makes you Bad Twin. Lastly - if one of the worst moments in your life was being recognized in the bar as someone who was in court, you really should have hung around me more often. Hugs.

  11. Hey thanks for the recognition. I posted a similar one on mine. Check it out and at least snag the image for your webpage.

  12. #4 Is there one for abnormal fear of characters? My daughter definitely qualifies. Have you seen the video on YouTube Carousel, Cops vs Clowns by Adam Berg. Freaky.

    Thanks BTW~!