Monday, August 31, 2009

Fire and Ice

Well, I made it back from my little "mini" college reunion this weekend. We laughed so hard that it feels like I have TMJ now. Here is a recap of one of the many bizarre conversations that took place (some of the details are a bit hazy...damn you Grey Goose):

Roomie: Hey Buzzy (my nickname from college for reasons will become readily apparent) - what ever happened to Greg W.?

Me: who the hell is Greg W.?

Roomie: the guy you dated that summer we worked at the bar

TD (to Roomie): you probably need to be more specific

Me: who the hell is Greg W.?

TD: remember - we all went to a party near the quarry and Berman passed out too close to the fire and his sleeping bag was smoking and instead of rolling him around to put the fire out we stacked small sticks on him.

Me: I don't think that I was there

Roomie: Buzzy, what the drove!

Me: What does that have to do with Greg W?

TD: You got pissed at him for something, and we left him out there. He had to walk back to town.

Me: Why did we stack sticks on Berman?

Roomie: You were cold

Me: Was he okay?

TD: which one - Berman or Greg W.?

Me: Who is Berman?

There is also a possibility that I drunk dialed some folks from my contact list. Um...sorry, and if you could give me a call back to let me know what I said that would be awesome.


  1. After you stacked a bon fire over me, Greg W. came to my rescue. We've been lovers ever since.

  2. That is funny! I have those moments also!

  3. wait, wait. So you bonfired one person and left another to walk back to town?
    Are you sure we didn't go to school together? I'm having a deja vu...

  4. LOL uhmmm NOW pass the Grey Goose already!

  5. Somewhere out there, poor Greg W. is scarred for life from that incident. He's in therapy. He never married, started wearing argyle sweaters and mismatched socks and now his only friends are Jesus and the TV.

    It's scary. I can forget things WITHOUT the Grey Goose! I used to have a kickass memory and now it is shot all to hell. By the time I'm old I'm not going to know what day it is.

  6. Too funny. There's just something about getting together with friends from school that makes you feel like you're still in school.

    Who else could get you to do "drive-bys" in your 40's? Very discreet in a mini-van..

  7. Grey Goose is the goddess!!

    I've left you a Kreative Award on my blog. Check it out!