Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chocolate Fountains are always a bad idea

My oldest called today and made me laugh my ass off. Apparently, he met some new friends in parking lot of his complex because they thought he was parking in their spot. It wasn't his car but he offered to slash the tires for them and then invited them over for beer and whiskey. Glad he's getting out there and socializing. I didn't get around to sending George and Nikki an anniversary card yet, so "Happy 2nd Anniversary" you cuties. I am posting some pictures from their wedding to celebrate.

(The happy couple plus Amelia)

(1.Bad Twin, Mom, George and Good Twin - me; 2. Karaoke with ex brother in law)

(1.Ryan after getting into the friggin chocolate fountain which I knew was just a bad idea;
2. Ryan & Nikki)


  1. Great family photos!
    Yes, those chocolate fountains are just too mesmerizing for a child to resist. What am I talking about...child? Bah! Anyone!

    BTW...my daughters name is Amelia as well!

  2. Look how beautiful you are when you're more than just an eye! Lovely pics.