Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cross BMX off the "things I wanna do when I grow up" list

My youngest was out and about yesterday enjoying summer like any 10 year old when I received a panicky call from his friend saying that Ryan was sun stroked. I asked the friend if he was vomiting or unconcious. No, he says, just sun stroked. Hmm.....tell him to sit in the shade and ride his bike home when he feels better, and to call me if he doesn't feel better. Thirty minutes later, Ryan comes in and and we have the following conversation:

Ryan: Mom, I wasn't really sun stroked. I was doing tricks on my bike, went up in the air, and when I came down, the bike seat went up my butt.
Me: ..................................(no talk, just open mouth staring)
Ryan: Did you hear me? Up. My. Butt.
Me: I heard you, I just needed to process the information. Do we need to seek medical attention?
Ryan: No, not until I have to poop.
Me: Alrighty then.

So far so good.....I think. Oh, and we are going back to this.


  1. Thanks for the morning laugh. This is totally something our 11 year old would do/say! Hope everything "comes out okay".

  2. LOL!!!~ oh my...HAHAHAHAHA. I have a boy. This is my future.