Friday, June 12, 2009

A Gnaw at the Door

So, we are at the radio station the other day talking about important stuff, when Lisa (my co-worker) asks what that gnawing noise is. The boss (Kathi) goes down to the front door to listen more closely, and announces that whatever it is, it's BIG. We are listening very intently trying to ascertain this beasts whereabouts, when Kathi gets the fabulous idea to open the front door to get a look at the animal that is eating our door - at which point, I climb up on a chair because I don't want my legs or feet dangling when this rabid monster (or bigfoot) comes charging through our foyer. Say hello to bigfoot:

I am not fooled by his sweet face and cute ears - you should see what this ferocious furball did to the door. Our new saying at the station is "it could have been a rat, but it was only a bunny" to be used in situations where you expect the worst and it doesn't happen. I like it!

On a completely different note, George called me last night and told me the greatest Amelia story, so I need to share:

Amelia got her doctor kit out and had the thingy (?) that you use to look into someone's ears, however she was using it to look at her teddybear's hind end. She then announced that the bear has "ants in his butt". After mulling this over for awhile, George and Nikki have come to the conlusion that someone must have used the term "ants in your pants" around Amelia and this is her version of that saying. Awesome!!!

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