Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Things that go "bump" in the night

I have been struggling with what to write in this blog lately. Given the current circumstances with regard to my mother, it seems insensitive to poke fun at her and I haven't felt very "humorous" lately. My good friend from college called me the other day to check in and say hi. If I had to describe TD (aka - Tom Dayton), I would throw a bunch of descriptive words together like: hippy, artist, farmer, teacher, catholic, father and let you paint your own picture. Anyhoo....when told of my mothers recent ills, TD replies that it is like when a horse breaks it's leg - no good chances for recovery, but he will light a candle for her anyway. I asked him to tell me something good and happy. TD replies that he has clean sheets and is very happy about that, and suggests that I will be able to feel that kind of happiness if I place clean sheets on my bed, but not the cheap kind that gets little bumps in the wash, 'cause that would just be unpleasant. Thanks Tom - you always know how to put things into perspective.

Mary update: still in Iowa City, white count coming down, needs two consecutive clean cultures with regard to C diff infection before they can release her back to Humboldt to further "recover" at a nursing home (shudder-for her and the unsuspecting nursing staff)

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