Tuesday, June 2, 2009

PINK is the new black

Well, Mom is still in the hospital. She hasn't eaten in about 7 days, and they are still working on controlling her pain. The good news (???) is that she can still manage to "critique" my fashion sense. I went on a shopping spree this weekend, and wore one of the new skirt sets yesterday -pink and brown skirt with pink top. For those that don't know this, my mother's aversion to the color pink is comparable to a vampire's reaction to garlic. She never fails to point out that I would look much better in blue. She didn't love my new outfit, and went so far as to suggest that I wear a different color top so it wouldn't be so "PINK". Guess what color I am wearing today? I am ordering the lawn ornaments below for Mom's front lawn - kind of a WELCOME HOME gift when she is able to return to the house. Your welcome Mom - I hope you like them!

On a completely unrelated note, the following is an excerpt from a breaking news story out of Humboldt:

HUMBOLDT - Humboldt residents who blow grass into city streets may get by with a warning the first time under a resolution being considered by the City Council.
At Monday's council meeting, City Administrator Lorie Bennett said she and the city attorney have talked about the city ordinance against blowing grass into streets.
"Currently the first offense is up to $750, and the second offense is up to $1,000," Bennett said. In court the attorney may ask for a lesser fine.
"However, the Police Department doesn't have that discretion when they are writing a ticket," Bennett said. She asked the council if they wanted to schedule the fines.

You have got to be friggin kidding me Humboldt. This fine amount is about the same amount levied for OWI.......

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