Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Conversation with my boss:

Boss: So, it looks like I need someone willing to learn to do the news on air, in case both on air people are gone at the same time
Me: I'll learn it – but we should make it funnier
Boss: it's the news - I don't think we are going for hilarity
Me: But I think it would refreshing, in fact, I think we should add Bigfoot report each morning.
Boss: What's a big foot report?
Me: You know "bigfoot - sasquatch", whatever you choose to call him. We could report on sitings in the area
Boss: Oh my God - are you serious? There haven’t been bigfoot sightings in Humboldt
Me: Of course there have - but everyone is trying to keep it quiet so the residents don't become frightened. Anyway, just let me know when training starts
Boss: (mumbling as she walks back to her office) This feels like a bad idea….hey KC (my radio name)…you weren’t serious about the bigfoot thing, right???
about 5 minutes later....
Boss: So, it wouldn't bother you to be on the air?
....are you kidding me? I want to add a Big Foot report and she is still considering putting me on the air? Is she drunk? I love this job!


  1. I want to make sure people know I am the GOOD TWIN.

  2. You keep telling yourself that. Maybe later on we will have a poll and include the results. You will just have to trust me with the tally numbers.