Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tree People

Okay – so, yesterday the “tree people” come into the station to make arrangements to trim some unruly trees and cut down a belligerent mulberry that is trying to grow into a gargantuan evergreen. This morning they stop in to let me know that they will be chopping, sawing etc. They inquire if there is anything else that we need them to do, at which point, I say that we have decided that we want two ginormous evergreens turned into topiaries – one large rabbit and one giant tortoise to be exact. They look at me funny, chuckle, and go about their business. Kathi (boss and ex-roomie) arrives back at the office whereupon, I inform her that they will be turning evergreens into topiaries and hope that it works for her. Kathi panics and runs out screaming for them to STOP!!! (you probably heard it in Cedar Falls). Apparently, Kathi struggles to understand my quirky sarcastic wit. Anyway, (long story short), screaming freaks out “tree guy” who almost amputates his own arm, and he has to climb down (clearly shaken at this point) and explain to Kathi that he was not making topiaries and only cutting dead limbs. I think I am in trouble with my boss now……and yet can’t stop giggling, which is really pissing her off. Damn this brain of mine!

(Sarah – I will explain later, if needed)

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