Friday, May 15, 2009

Zombies are bad - ALWAYS!

My co-worker felt the need to share a most disturbing story with me yesterday while I was eating lunch. It appears that scientists have been working on a way to control those viscous fire ants in the southern US, and the solution they have come up with is to import parasitic flies from South America to turn them into "Zombie" fire ants. It is my expert opinion that turning anything into a zombie can not be a good idea. Have the movies taught you nothing people? (Case in point - "Night of the Living Dead"). Zombies can adapt to most any situation and you can't kill them - CAUSE THEY'RE ALREADY DEAD!!! I also think it is bad idea to import a parasitic fly into the US to zombify ants. The reason the friggin ants are here in the first place is because we imported them from South America (by accident??) I have a counter proposal to the fire ant problem....instead of zombification, let's bring in the trusty anteater. Isn't that what they are here for anyhow?

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