Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Graduation party

Great weekend in South Dakota at Tommy’s graduation….sorry I missed the pyrotechnics show put on by cousin Paul. By the by, fire and alcohol are never a good combination – ever! The picture below aptly describes my face last night, when after 4 hours in a car with my mother (following a weekend in a smoke-filled hotel room with same mother), and finishing 2 loads of laundry, mom starts taking all of the white socks out of basket as I was folding. I sweetly asked what she might be doing and she replied that she was going to wash them again because they are not clean. WTF??? Apparently, sparkling white socks are the sign of good mothering, and I am falling short in this area, and, by the way, those 2 loads should have been three as there is no need to stuff washing machine to full capacity! I suck.

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